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Photographing 2012: Do I continue another year?

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2012 was not a bad year, but it was a slow year as a photographer. Those of you who follow my blog regularly know that I am also a high school theatre teacher. After 25 years in the classroom & on the stage with students I am ready for a change. For the last 5 years I have been running my own photography business as well. I have a goal to get Rainbows'n'frogs functioning as a strong enough source of income that I can leave teaching. It's not that I want to leave teaching so much as the fact that my 6 yr old son is basically growing up without a mom. I miss everything he does in school, & he has no social life because I am not available to be his taxi. Enter GUILT, stage left. 

Add to that the fact that 2012 was not forthcoming in photo shoots, in fact I only had a few all year, a BIG drop from the previous few years of high activity. Then there is the proverbial camera crash that I experienced recently while starting a session with a large family. Thank God for 2nd cameras! ...even when they are not as good. 

In reviewing my favorite shots of 2012, I can see that most of my work is for my own productions at the high school, including free head-shots for my student actors. That does not put food on my son's plate. I love taking pictures! I love all types of photography! I love each part of the process from booking a client, to the session, & the editing process. I love it more than teaching, if I am going to be honest.

So where does that leave me? I need to rethink my plan. Something has to give. If Rainbows'n'frogs is going to grow I need time to promote it. That is something I have too little of these days. I can't quit teaching until Rainbows'n'frogs is a strong enough income, & I can't make it strong enough unless I quit teaching & give it the time it needs. Anyone else in this boat with me???? 

This is the part where I ask you to comment here so I can get some feedback on my dilemma. I'd love to hear what you think, and you can post your comments here or on my business Facebook page. While you are there, be sure to click the like button to show your support if you like my work.

Thanks again for your continued support as we all take this journey of life in our own little ways.

Enjoy the year in review!

 Senior-directed one-acts...

 Meet former student, now actor, Desmin Borges. You might recognize him from the film Mr. Popper's Penquins, among other things. We inducted him into the Wall of Fame at the high school last spring.

Anyone remember our musical car wash? They sang musical numbers while they washed your car!

 Meet Dave Clemmons, actor, singer, & Broadway casting director. He came to speak to my students last summer.

Headshots ...just a few of the collection

Jekyll & Hyde, the musical

2012 was the first time I performed in a show at the high school. I did a one woman show called Amelia Lives. That's right, I played Amelia Earhart. I had three weeks from the first day I cracked the book to opening night. Was it perfect? Not even close! Did I inspire my students? I certainly hope so! Was it fun & worth it? You bet your sweet ...uh...face... it was!

The Uninvited
I photographed two actors & photoshopped their images into props for the show. 
You can see one hanging on the wall above the fireplace. It's a "painting".

The Crucible

Our anual Broadway Revue: Broadway stars Chuck Wagner & Andrea Rivette spent a week working with my students, then performed live with them. It is always such a great joy to host them!
 Just hanging out in my office goofing off.... or working? Yes, that's what we were doing, ...working.
 Andrea is coaching a student before the show.
 Chuck is welcoming the audience & talking about the importance of supporting the arts in public schools.
 I always catch so much trash from Chuck for doing this number from Jesus Christ Superstar, it's seriously difficult, but I love challenging my students, pushing them to the edge, & showing them just how far their talents can take them. ...Is that a female Judas??? Yes! ...and she ROCKED!
 Beautiful Andrea, with an angelic voice! Just thinking of her makes me smile, & sometimes even laugh out loud!

And my clients from 2012...

Andrea Rivette was kind enough to let me shoot her, despite her very painful injury she acquired while working with my students the day before!

Meet Tyce, the Audition Consultant. He's an amazing actor, singer, & vocal coach. He's also one of mine :)

Senior sessions

Remember these guys from a recent post? Mark Younger-Smith, & Kirk Johnston at Mark's music studio.

One WONDERFUL thing about my work: I have returning clients! In fact, they make up the bulk of my sessions! 

And the debut of my most recent session, you know, the one where my camera decided not to shoot. 2nd cameras are a MUST on any professional equipment list!

...and finally, my personal highlights of 2012

 I have always loved other photographers' street shots, but never my own. This is one I did that I actually like.

David meeting his 1st grade teacher.

Yep, that's me, flippin' on a bungie!

A quick trip to Washington to play in the new winter snow with my twin, Marie, & to see my cousin, Will, perform in the world tour production of How To Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular.

This is Marie

As always, I want to give a HUGE shout out to my best friend, Cory, who is such a great help on my photo shoots! I love you Cory!

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