Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Many Faces of Gay

I went to the Gay Pride parade in Houston & here are my shots. I got a lot more of course, but you know... not all were appropriate for this blog ;)

I loved seeing all the faces of this world there. Brown faces, white faces, black faces, & every other color face. Female faces, male faces, & tranny faces. Christian faces, Hindu faces, Jewish faces, & agnostic faces. Heterosexual faces, homosexual faces, & bisexual faces. There were wrinkled up old faces who could tell you what it was like nearly a century ago, & shiny new faces full of wonder & possibilities.

When my older sister told me her daughter, my niece was gay she seemed sad. I was confused since my older sister is the last one to care about something like that. When I asked her how she felt about it she said she was a bit sad that, by claiming the life of a lesbian, she was leaving out 50% of the possibilities for love. If she were bisexual she would be able to find love everywhere.

My niece found love just fine, and I, as a heterosexual, have not only found love just fine, I have also witnessed all the love shared by multitudes, from every walk of life, right here on these few streets in the center of Houston.
Oh, did I mention Little Bigs? Awesome mini-hamburgers & chicken sandwiches!

I am too short to see over the crowd. So I raised my camera & shot blindly. The next morning I loaded the collection of images I gathered there on to the computer & saw this group of teenagers across the street in the tie-dyed t-shirts. My camera just randomly chose them to focus on. Out of over 90 thousand people at Houston's Gay Pride event, & my camera found it's way to a group of MY OWN DRAMA STUDENTS! Seriously? Yep, it happened. I had no idea til I saw the photos on the computer!

"T" is for transgender

Meet our Mayor

I absolutely LOVE these white balloon costumes!

This is a float of Herman-Memorial Hospital

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