Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Making a Masterpiece from Mayhem

As we finish out the first week in our new house; the boxes, the lost stuff, the empty kitchen cupboards and the wildly happy child, I found myself strangely setting in. The other night David was insitent, & I mean INSISTENT the we bake gingerbread cookies. First off, where did he even learn about baking gingerbread cookies? And second, why was he so adamant that we do this. I realized there was a store-bought mix in the pantry, one of the few things we had in the house, and we actually had the water, the egg & the oven! So I gave in, and we happily began the event. I made sure David understood that we had no gingerbread man cookie cutter. The only cutter I could find was an angel, oddly packed in a box of office supplies. He was fine with a gingerbread surprise there!

After mixing the dough I realized we had no pans to bake it in, but we did have a ceramic cookie jar & two ceramic bowls that my sister made for me some time ago. I divided up the dough & each ceramic container went into the oven. While they baked we gathered up some carmel dipping sauce from some McDonald's left overs, & some pretzel m&m's. I was lucky to have anything to work with so I thought we were doing pretty well!

 The whole thing was a lesson in improvisation. When the gingerbread came out of the oven we cut one into an angel, dripped the carmel sauce all over it & sprinkled the m&m's. Voila! As I saw the joy in my son's face I knew we had created a masterpiece...and the gingerbread angel was pretty good too. Life. It's a comedy.

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