Saturday, September 18, 2010

So many posts, so little time!

I have plans to post the latest about the new house purchase, the musical, & my latest photo challenge. I don't know where to begin, so I'll make the choice to share updates on the musical first.

We open Les Mis in less than two weeks, we still need an orchestra, but the company is working hard & doing an amazing job! I wish you could hear them sing! Once it opens I will post a few highlights from the show, videos. I am stunned at the multitude of amazing voices in this show & I am moved to tears each day at rehearsal. When the lights are up, the fog is rolling in, the costumes are gliding across the boards, then all in the world will be right! Our music director, John Branch, & his accompanist, Anita, have done a great job setting the stage with the voices, and I strive daily to match their standards in my staging of the show. I hope these images move each of you reading this blog to come see out show if you are in the area!

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