Saturday, September 11, 2010

Life in the Theatre as the New Guy

Having time to post in my blog will become far more difficult for a few weeks. Besides being in the early stages of buying a new house, I am busy directing a musical for the high school.

Every new school year brings new students. Young, eager, fearful, and occasionally mature enough to know how dive in & get involved. Things are coming along well. The set should be ready to paint sometime this week, the lights are getting hung & focused, and now it's time to work on costumes.

Rehearsals yesterday were quite productive, if not accident free. There is something wonderful about sitting in a dark theatre with young actors on stage singing away, while the sound of power saws comes humming beautifully from the scene shop. How many parents of teenagers can say they are not worried because they know where their kids are after school? These teenagers love what they do & they do it well. One new student in particular, Chris, works hard on crew doing whatever needs to be done without being told to do it.

This morning I arrived to the theatre thinking I would work quietly by myself getting some work on the costumes done. When I arrived Chris was there, sweeping the theatre house, picking up trash, and working away in the unairconditioned school all by himself. He even brought donuts!

He worked away on the set while I took care of some costumes & props, and when the classes resume Monday morning for another week of long hours & hard work things will be a little bit farther along thanks to Chris...the new guy in theatre.


Angie Blom said...

Awesome to have such a good student helping.. and donuts.. BONUS!! I love seeing your life through your photo's .. how wonderful for you to be directing this play.. and happy house hunting!! hugs xx

Kelby Brooks said...

Whenever I first saw this post, it inspired me to try to help out some more, so I decided that I would comment about it. It's pretty awesome that even incoming students are willing to chip in that extra effort!