Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rally for a Cure: Golf Charity Photo Shoot

I had the honor of being invited as the event photographer for the Rally for a Cure Charity Golf Tournament at Northgate Country Club in Houston. Yesterday was such a fun time with so many people! The ocean of pink againts a green background of the wooded golf course was a beautiful way to spend the day. My assistant, Cory, drove our cart & helped with the shoot, and after, we enjoyed taking our cameras inside to the brunch where raffles and silent auctions helped the cause. It was a day filled with the company of wonderful people and I would like to thank Nancy Beyer for the invitation. She set up an amazing event at a gorgeous location. Proceeds from the event will go to several organizations, primarily the Susan G. Komen & Arnie's Army foundations, all for the fight against cancer.

The wonderful ladies who put it all together!


Heidi @ Indy Photography said...

Thomas boots:

Beth Crocker said...

Thanks Heidi!

Megan H. said...

Great Pictures!! My mom had breast cancer...I love things like this.