Tuesday, March 23, 2010

When little girls become little fairies...

When little girls can giggle at the sunshine they learn what it's like to be a fairy. When they run in grass with their toes digging in the earth, and they smell the scent of the dandilions, when they feel wings following their path. They lay in the leaves, and they skip through the puddles. When they reach into the light and find the stars at their feet, that's when little girls become fairies.

My side note: I did not select the italics icon for my font to change. I was in the middle of typing & suddenly found myself interrupted by my son who needed something. I ran down to help him, & upon my return to the desk I began typing without selecting any change in the keys. I looked up at the screen to see it was typing in italics. I started to correct it then stopped. I felt compelled to leave it.

You may interpret that as you feel compelled to do. I created this image & wrote the story for my two daughters who are now in their spirit forms.

Elizabeth Crocker

Textures from Jerry at Shadowhouse Creations. White spirit fairies free PS brushes. Pink wings were watercolored by my oldest daughter before she passed. Bokeh and both girls were photographed by me.


Megan H. said...

Beautiful. Simply beautiful.

CBM said...