Sunday, March 7, 2010

My Lensbaby Review & Images

Well, I dropped a small chunk of greenback on it but It's seems to be worth it! I got the Lensbaby Composer and 4 additional optics to use inside it (they switch out). I got the fisheye,the single glass, the plastic, & the pinhole/zoneplate. I have not yet tried the pinhole/zoneplate optic since it requires a tripod & I have not had any time. I did play with the others while directing a play rehearsal at work & then again at home with my family on a lazy Friday night. I found that I need to practice getting the sweet spot (focal point) more accurate, but that's just a matter of getting the feel for my lens as I practice the pivot of the rotating ball.

Tell me what you think!!!!!


LG said...

hi hun! Thanks for your lovely comment at my blog. You are the sweetest.

Latteplease said...

your new lense looks like so much fun i'm jealous ha