Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Baby Time!!!

I got to take pictures of my cousin-in-law's new baby last weekend. I only wish my new lens had arrived. I managed to get out a few good shots despite my inequities though. I love the last one, but I worry that others will only see it as a bad crop...tell me what you think please???? Don't be afraid to be honest! Enjoy!


Rachelle said...

In order:
1) I wish the baby was a bit less fuzzy. I'd like to see more of the baby. But I love the idea.
2) Very cute! My eye seems to want to see more rule of 3rds here, but I can't really tell you how...
3) sweet :-) The posing feels just a tad off (and I really mean, **just** a tad-- I really like the picture).
4) Auw, I love the moment you captured :-) Some may critique the cropping of the ears, but it doesn't bother me.
5) Love it!!! The comp is awesome :-)
6) I like it. I don't love it b/c something about the angle makes the proportions seem a bit off, but wow on the eye contact he is giving you... awesome capture!

Beth Crocker said...

Thanks Rachelle! I love your comments! I wish I had not cut off the ears too in #4. Comment about #6...I totally agree!

Megan H. said...

Hello! I just happen to find your blog through your comment on mine :) thanks! I have to say that I love everything about these photos. If you had cut my ears off, I would be thrilled because I don't like them (they stick out). I absolutely LOVE the last one--everything about! I typically love pictures that are NOT by the book though. If it was my baby in this picture it would be framed and hanging on my wall!