Sunday, January 17, 2010

First time to run in the U.S....Girl With A Pearl Earring

Hello friends! As you know, I am a high school theatre teacher & director. Once a year I am blessed with a friend (the Physics teacher at work) who directs a show in our season. This year he came across a stage production of the famed novel & film Girl With A Pear Earring. It had a successful run in London's West End Theatre district, and then closed. He contacted the playwrite & publisher, got the OK, got the script from them, & here we are! First production of it in the United States...the colleges are already asking us to give them the script so they can do it next.

We staged it in our new Kenyan-Miller Black Box theater, another first as it is the first show in there. It is very intimate and the actors are amazing. Selling out every night! Enjoy my photos. These & more will be sent to London for use in their marketing of the script. For more images of the show visit my Facebook page & invite me as a friend (it's a private page) or send me a request.

Director: Dan Kutsko
Lights, Sets, Costumes: Elizabeth Crocker
Actors shown here: Kelsey OBrient as Griet, Allie Dixon as Maria, Yahya Kahn as J. Vermeer


sMacThoughts said...

Boy, does that girl look the part!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, these are incredible, I was not expecting them to be this good, but WOW! Great job!

Rachelle said...

Very cool! My favorite is the last one. It would have been neat to see the "twinkling" candle (like you see in so many wedding portraits).