Sunday, January 17, 2010

Doctor Who?

I have to give a shout out to the totally amazing team of pediatric doctors and nurses (& the amazing staff) for years of touching, personal, and warm support with my children.

Fannin Pediatrics is located in the medical center in Houston. One of the doc's there, our pediatrician, is Dr. Steve Alley.We met in 1999 during the painful loss of our oldest daughter. Rumor has it that hours before she passed she told him to sit on her bed & talk to her. She then asked him if she was going to die. She was three. He told us years later that she changed the way he practiced medicine. He became our pediatrician after the birth of our second daughter. She too passed and he was there for us through every step, staying on the phone in the days & weeks that followed her death listening to our pain. Making it his pain too. He celebrated in the birth of our very strong & healthy son, & continues to provide the best care imaginable. He listens this a mothers' instict. He trusts it too.

...but what's really amazing is that all the other members of the team there treat us with the same personal attention, love, & compassion. They don't know our history & have not shared our pain like he has, but you would never know it.

So I had to do a scrapbook page about it! (not that one page would ever tell the whole story). Here are some shots & some LO's on the subject...

at the circus w/ his family... his office

...with Emily, our second daughter after surgery.


Anonymous said...

Oh, these pictures make me tear up, beautiful pictures even though they break my heart to see.

Rachelle said...

I am so sorry you've experienced such loss :-( What a strong woman you are. Ts & Ps!!!!