Sunday, October 28, 2012

Jekyll & Hyde, the musical

My theatre department at work just opened our annual musical. This year we are doing Jekyll & Hyde. I first had the privilege of being a part of this musical in 1990, when it premiered at The Alley Theatre in Houston. I went on to become a theatre teacher & this is the 2nd time I have produced this show at the Jersey Village High School. The music, composed by Frank Wildhorn, is beautiful & moving. This show has everything: romance, drama, action, ...everything. These shots are from the last two dress rehearsals, & true to form, we were not yet done creating the show. Details like unfinished scenic painting & costume details are not yet done, but they still give you an idea of what the show is like. We have had a great time, even when both the female leads were sick, throwing up between scenes, during the first week run of the show, they still managed to get out on stage & give it their all. VERY AMAZING from such young people! These teenagers could be spending their free time doing a million things other than staying late at school to work on a show, but they are there, working hard, making mistakes, putting themselves out on a limb to be judged & criticized by those who have nothing else to do, and what they get in return is respect for their courage, their talent, and their stamina. They are kind, open hearted, and vibrant! These are the young people who will be leaders one day, & they leave me with great hope for the future. Thank you to my Batman crew, & especially to my stage manager Lexi & her team of assistants. You are my Avengers!

 Costume fittings are just one drop in the bucket of all the various aspects of theatrical production. We also build the sets, paint, hang & focus the lights, create props & special effects, & much more.
 Organizing & calling cues from headsets backstage to the booth, & creating live music from two keyboards by the amazing John Branch & his accompanist, Miss Anita, are two more things that are part of producing a musical.

 Just a peak backstage to check on my actors waiting to make their entrance.

 Meet Lexi, my amazing stage manager, & her assistant stage managers. They are my Avengers!


Kayman Coons said...

Fantastic. im seeing it this Friday cant wait.

Joey Beth Gilbert said...

I am so happy to be a part of this production (:

Carolyn Mers said...

This post brings back such wonderful memories of all of the years that my family spent living, breathing, eating, and sleeping at the JV Drama Department!!!! From Tina's very first play, all the Christmas Parties at our house, to Danielle's final production. We had some wonderful times, and we miss those days!