Monday, July 18, 2011

Best Friends...

I had the pleasure of doing senior portraits for two beautiful girls, on separate occasions, & when I got the call to do the second session I learned she is the best friend of a previous client & that the previous client would be coming to watch. When the session was done, the client asked if her friend could be in some shots with her. I thought this was so sweet, & watching them together as I shot, I realized how little we take the time to appreciate our friends. Those dear people in our lives who do things for us (or with us) that no other person would. How great it was to be a part of this celebration of friendship! Now I shall go tell each of my own dear ones how much I love & appreciate them!

Enjoy some highlights of each session & please share your own thoughts on the topic. I love reading your comments! It lets me know you stopped by :)

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