Friday, June 3, 2011

A Broadway Revue

This blog is going to be short & sweet. My students performed a couple weeks ago with two wonderful actors from Broadway, as mentioned in the previous blog. After a couple days of hard work & rehearsals Chuck Wagner & Andrea Rivette generously shared the stage with several of my high school students. The opportunities this provides, the experience, & ego boost it gives to my students is priceless, but what I treasure the most is the wonderful friendships I've acquired from these master class workshops. Chuck has been a friend for a couple decades, first meeting at work at The Alley Theatre on Jekyll & Hyde when it was still in early stages of development, but it was through Chuck, & only recently (2 years ago), that I met Andrea. What a gem she is! Meeting new people with whom I can instantly hit it off at my age is always fun and extra special. I have Chuck to thank for that. These are shots from the show, rehearsals, and whatever else I decide to throw in. Take a look & imagine the possibilities for these aspiring young actors as they get the thrill of singing with two Broadway stars!

I had to add these...we went out to eat one night at the Steamboat Steakhouse & for dessert we got a Cannon Ball. It's vanilla Blue Bell ice cream covered in Oreo cookie crumbs with fudge poured over it. Later in the week I made one at home & it was a hit! YUMMY!!!!! Really easy to make too!


Andrea said...

I forgot all about that Oreo thing!! It might have been the 3 margaritas??! LOL!

Beth Crocker said...

Or the amazing steak?, it was the 3 margaritas. :)