Monday, January 3, 2011

A year in review...or not...

I want to do a blog that reviews my year in photos...but every time I think of sitting down long enough to go through a year of images I've done I get totally turned off. I'd love to sit & remind myself of all the great times, the lucky moments, & yes, even the challenges I have faced, but seriously folks, I am a working woman with a four year old at home. Who has that kind of time? Then of course there is the issue of getting distracted... as in each set of images I see makes me want to write a whole blog just on that one moment. It's hard enough to get anyone to read or comment on any of my blogs, I'm not deluded enough to believe they'd want to be inundated with tons of stories about someone they don't even know. And then there are my clients! My wonderful new (& some long-time) friends...but they will be another post! So, I'm going to just try to post a combination of oldies & newbies, & where there's a good story, you may or may not read about it now or later. That's me...commitment least on least for now. Have a great new year my wonderful & loyal readers! May God bless each of you with all you need to find success & happiness on your own terms.

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