Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Calendar Scrapbook

So I have decided a cool gift for my mother-in law would be a scrapbook calendar. It turned out to be WAY more difficult than I thought. Just picking the pictures for each month was a chore, then knowing what designs would be best while trying to get this all done by Saturday. You see, it takes me a good week to get one or two layouts done due to a hectic schedule. So WHY, oh WHY did I decide to do a priject with 12 layouts??? So far it's turning out OK. Some pages are not that great, but others are really making me happy. Here are the first 6 I've done.




April (My husband's  birthday month)

August (our daughters' birthday month)


1 comment:

Latteplease said...

wow! Those are great and you can defintely tell MAJORLY time consuming. I only wish i were half as creative as you. Beautiful!!